Hair and Skin Care in Summer


The summer sun can be harsh, calling for some extra care for your hair and skin. Though you may not spend too much time outdoors, there are a host of other skin problems which arise due to the hot summer sun. With a little attention and care, you can not only beat the heat but look as radiant as the sun itself this season.

Tips for Skin Care

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  • Wash your face at least thrice a day with cold water. This is a must especially at the end of the day before you hit the bed. Ditch the regular soap and use a mild face wash instead.
  • Use a good sun block with a minimum 25 + SPF. Use generously on face, neck, arms and all areas exposed to sun. To get the maximum out a sun block, apply at least 20-30 minutes before you step out. And don’t forget to re-apply after your wash! It is a common misconception that your skin does not require sun protection if indoors. Even if you plan to stay home and laze on the couch with a good paperback, do not forget your sun block. The harsh UV rays can be harmful indoors too.
  • Use a good exfoliating agent to remove the dead skin cells. This not only opens up the pores but also improves the blood circulation.
  • Though a sun block is a must, your skin needs a moisturizing agent too. To avoid the unnecessary oiliness, use a water-based moisturizer to ensure that your skin remains hydrated for long. Do not let your skin take the brunt of the summer sun.

Tips for Hair Care

  • In summer, the hair tends to be deprived of moisture too. Go gentle on your hair and switch to milder cleansers and shampoos.
  • Give the hair chemicals a break and reach out for as many natural ingredients as possible. Avoid using hair colouring products as these contain many harmful compounds which tend to damage the hair further.
  • Limit the use of hairstyling tools during the summer months. The blow dryers, rollers and hot irons tend to make the hair drier stripping it of moisture.
  • A dip in the pool is definitely invigorating during these hot months. But the chlorine in the water adds to the hair woes. A simple tip here can help you let go of this worry – wet your hair well before stepping into the pool; this ensures lower absorption of chlorine. After your swim, use a good clarifying shampoo to remove the residual chlorine.
  • Hair which is regularly exposed to sun could use a good conditioning treatment. This replenishes the lost moisture and helps to repair damage caused due to the sun.

This takes care of your skin and hair. But the hot summer months call for every bit of extra attention to the overall health too.

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  • Keep yourself well hydrated. Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration and sunstroke.
  • Limit your intake of aerated drinks. A cool soda seems welcoming during a hot afternoon; refreshing though it may be, it is loaded with unnecessary sugars. Lemonade, tender coconut water and fresh fruit juices make healthier thirst quenchers.
  • Include a lot of greens in your daily menu and cut down on the consumption of salt, tea and coffee. Include foods with high water content, such as watermelons, cucumber, zucchini, etc.
  • Try to avoid going outdoors from mid-morning hours to early evening. That’s when the heat is at its peak. If stepping out, do not forget to carry an umbrella and sun-shades. A big floppy hat will not only protect your head and neck whilst outdoors, but is fashionable too!
  • Working out is a must to stay healthy, so don’t give up on this bit. During the summer months, stick to exercising in the early morning when the temperature is much cooler and comfortable.
  • You can beat the rising mercury levels and enjoy the cool, and fun, ways to spend summer!

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