5 Bad things you do to hair

Hair Care

People usually measure and comment on the thickness of waist but never of hair. The real alarm signal is when you notice that you are shedding hair everyday – whether it is by combing or bathing. Our lifestyle is the dominant factor in hair fall cases. This is both good news and bad news. It is bad because we ignore them as they are inconvenient to follow and good because the solution to hair fall is simple and inexpensive.

1. Hot water showers – just like skin, hot water dehydrates the hair and scalp. The protective oils around the hair are washed off if the temperature is high. It is best to take warm water bath and cool water head bath. In addition, try to limit the usage of hot hair styling tools such as blow-dryers. They rob the protein content of the hair and create moisture imbalance very fast

2. Improper diet – ‘crash dieting’ as it is called refers to eating less to gain less weight. However, the required nutrition levels take a hit and this shows its first results on hair length, luster and thickness

3. Handle wet hair with care – since the hair strands are more fragile when they are rinsed with water, do not comb it until dry. People try to remove the hair tangles when the hair is wet and suffer from hair breakage

4. Careful about UV rays – those of you who have an urge to get a sun bath, be careful with your hair. Early morning sun does well to the hair whereas hot noon brings with it the UV rays that harm your hair. Tie and cover your hair to avoid breakage. On cloudy days, UV rays are more abundant and hence all the need to protect the hair

5. Scratching the hair – the feeling of itchiness on your scalp itself is an indication of health issue. Adding heavy scratching habit to this accelerates the hair fall as the scalp suffers due to excess activity. Instead, use warm oil massages to get relief. Other suggestions include a cold water wash with a mild conditioner to get rid of itch


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