Lemon – A Miracle for Beautiful Hair and Skin

Lemon for hair and skin

Lemon – A Miracle for Beautiful Hair and Skin

Lemon – This thin-skinned fruit needs no introduction. A Miracle For Beautiful Hair And Skin. To our very own surprise we may even find it in our backyard. We are talking about the tiny lemon. Lemon is one multi-beneficial fruit. It is relished for its interesting sour taste in drinks, valued in cosmetic industry and is respected for being an important part of home remedies for several types of diseases and conditions. Here is a peek into the world of lemon

Lemon for Skin Care:

Nature comprises of innumerable species of plants each with its unique chemical properties. Lemon is one of these plants belonging to the citrus family known for its cleansing, anti-microbial and bleaching properties in various beauty treatments. lemon has been used as one of the foremost and most useful beauty product we can imagine. It is widely used as a main ingredient in many cremes, lotions, facials etc

1. By cutting a lemon and rubbing it gently on your skin and keeping it for nearly an hour would help in removing the sun tan and those dreaded blemishes. It will also help in reducing your chances of wrinkles. It would work even better if you happen to rub olive oil before rinsing. lemon acts as a bleaching agent, so, avoid it before going in the sun.

2. To prevent premature aging, mix lemon juice with honey and almond oil and massage it on to your skin and let it dry. Wash it off after 20 minutes. This should reduce the wrinkles on your face.

3. Lemon is the most trusted natural bleach and fairness agent. When lemon juice is mixed with equal amount of cucumber juice and some glycerin, it works as an incredible moisturizing and fairness lotion.
With its inherent properties lemon combats skin related disorders such as corns and Scurvy. Scurvy occurs due to lack of Vitamin C. Patients diagnosed with scurvy shows presence of abnormal spots on the body with prominence on thighs and legs; pale skin, depression and occasional immobility. Severe cases display open, pus filled wounds, swollen gums and loosened teeth. Patients should be served with a concoction comprising lemon juice and water in the ratio of 1:3 along with 1 tbsp of honey for quick recovery.

Lemon for Hair Care:

1. Lemon is good for your hair too, as it helps in removing dandruff. Rubbing or massaging lemon juice on your hair regulates the blood in your head helping in hair growth. The glands are regulated too which help in producing oil to have a beautiful and shiny hair.

2. Five tbsp of fresh lemon extract added to half a bucket of water can be used for a final hair rinse to gain that natural shine.

Lemon and General Health:

The wonderful quality of lemon is to kill and destroy germs and bacteria. This enables lemon as a sure cure of many diseases. If you mix lemon in a glass of warm water and drink it everyday, it will help in clearing the toxins from your body. Lemon mixture is mostly taken in empty stomach. Lemon juice quenches thirst, helps in digestion, increases perspiration, cleans kidneys, acts as diuretic, purifies blood and imparts strength to the heart.

Lemon helps in body detoxification. Drinking one glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon will help improve digestion and help in blood purification. Studies show that those who regularly consume lemon have lower chances of liver problems. It acts as a liver tonic by boosting the amount of bile produced by the liver for better digestion.

If you have brittle nails, rubbing sliced lemon everyday would help you with a much stronger and sturdier nails. You can try one of the common treatments for the nails by soaking them in lemon juice for 10 minutes and then wash them with white vinegar.

lemon can also be used as a breath mint. Squirt some lemon juice in your mouth and swirl it in your mouth for sometime and then drink it. This method would help in getting rid of your bad breath.

As lemon is acidic, you should use it in proper proportions. It acts as an astringent which may not be good in excess quantity. Before trying any of these remedies please see that you are not allergic to it.
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Lemon – A Miracle for Beautiful Hair and Skin

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