When You Get Started.


Once you finally are able to make a decision of which diet plan you want to follow, getting through those first 2-3 weeks will not be the easiest thing. These few weeks though are crucial to your ability to maintain this diet for a long time, which should be a goal for anyone starting a diet. No sense jumping into something for a few months, just to eventually get bored of it and revert back to your old ways. If you are able to make it to the second or third week you will have noticed a difference in your body and also in the amount of energy you have throughout the day. Your alertness should start to increase, your stomach might already begin to feel lighter, and you could even find yourself needing to sleep less hours at night while concentrating better at school or at your job.

You’ll want to make sure to really get it in your head before your first day of dieting that this is what you are doing for years to come. You can plan on having it change a bit once you hit your weight goal, but even then it has to be a diet that will keep the weight where you want it. So get extremely serious about this, it’s not a game and it might not start off as the most fun thing to do, but you will definitely enjoy it once a few months go by and you see a drastic difference in your overall look and feel. If you can’t make your health one of the most important things in your life (preceded possibly by your children or religion) nothing you try will work because you will constantly let other things get in your way. Have a conversation with anyone who ate their way into diabetes, or heart problems, and see if they don’t immediately go into a rant of how they wished they changed their diet and lifestyle when they had the chance. Any activities that hurt your plans to diet and also any that would be able to prolong your diet including exercise, should be factored in before you start so you can make your life fit into your diet with the minimal amount of stress. Remember the whole reason you started this diet was to bring happiness into your life, not problems.

Go into this with the mindset that nothing is impossible, you can have your body look any way you want it to I don’t care who you are, that’s the great thing about being human we control how we look.

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